Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ball finger spin B-ball finger spin

Buzz Braman, a former 76ers shooting coach who showed Shaq and Penny Hardaway a thing or two about handling the ball, gives you the lowdown:

1. Hold the ball in your right hand with the circumference-line design (the line that looks like the equator or part of a mini basketball court) horizontal and nearly level to the floor. Focusing on the line will help you balance the ball. Quickly turn the ball counter-clockwise, snapping your wrist, and release the ball so it spins.

2. Since you won't be able to control it at first, just let the ball spin out and hit the ground. When you've mastered the spin (when it spins fast and level to the floor and drops to approximately the same place), try tossing it up in the air while in motion.

3. When you can control the ball in the air like a chef with pizza dough, you're ready to try sliding your index finger down under the ball's center of gravity, pointing the finger straight up. Once you've mastered that, you can spin almost anything--even a pencil.

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