Monday, March 20, 2006

big ten were they even in the tournament

This is really going to hurt, and I am even a big ten fan. But let's just face the facts this one is really going to hurt the Big Ten. I mean really every Big Ten team lost and did not make it into the Sweet Sixteen! Wow!!

Ohio State (No. 2 seed), Iowa (No. 3), Illinois (No. 4) and Michigan State (No. 6) all lost to lower seeds. Wisconsin (No. 9) was buried in round one. At least Indiana (No. 6) gave Gonzaga a tussle before succumbing in the second round.

Bottom line: When hard-working but fairly pedestrian Terence Dials of Ohio State is the Big Ten player of the year, the league lacks star power. Plenty of good players, no great ones. Nobody who could put a team on his back and rise above the round of 32.

And for a league of the Big Ten's stature, that's pretty sad.

This is a very very sad weekend for the Big Ten across the board! Wow, I really think this could hurt for while too.

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