Saturday, April 29, 2006

Our hats off to Joakin Noah

We applaud Joakim Noah decide though it was probably hard, we just want to personally thank him for his decision of showing off his true character. And also, setting what we here think is a great example for young kids today. This is truly a lesson to learn kids stay in school. Though, we know Noah had a hard decision, but just think about it. If he goes to the NBA, the carefree days of college life is over, and over in a hurry. Though, everyone and especially media is going to say well if he doesn't go now he is going to cost himself money, chances of top pick, and etc.

Though our rebuttal to all that is...whatever happend to education first, to education is money, and caring more of the future through education. That's what we feel here is the most important.

A perfect example of this is look at Jay Williams, or some might know him has Jason Williams from Duke. Oh yea where is he now? Do you see him in NBA?

Ultimately, Jason Williams decided to take a chance and go back to school. And though at the time, people thought he was crazy. Now knowing what we all know. I think people are saying it was a pretty smart move!

Jump ahead two years, to Jay William's motorcycle accident in June 2003, right after his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls. That's when he discovered his decision to stay in school was pretty good after all.

At Duke his junior year, and even after that, he admits this is where he formed a lot of connections, and that turns out to be the one of the most valuable things he recieved from staying in school.

When he was injured, he automatically was able to reach out to people and find opportunities and find something to do with myself. He was able to use his degree from Duke (If he had graduated after my junior year and entered the NBA) and he had so many sources of support and contacts that he don't think he would have had if he had left after his sophomore year.

That's when he realized the importance of his college years. That's something that ever athlete should come to realize.

We just want to say again Thanks to Joakin Noah for being a little different these days!

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