Friday, November 03, 2006

bank shot advantages, advantages of using a bank shot

Some advantages of using a bank shot or shooting off the glass

- The bank shot is know to be a higher percentage shot! Stats shows us, and the numbers don't lie.

- The bank shot is a good choice of shot while in traffic, driving hard to the hole, and a beautiful soft kiss of the glass over the big man. That's just flat out tough!

- The bank shot gives players the option to drive harder to the hole, while still havinga high percentage to finish with a score. What do we mean by this? Well, a given player that is driving extremely hard to hole it's a hard move to drive hard and with all that energy to explode up and shoot a soft shot. With a bank shot you are given more of the chance to drive hard and then still shoot a better and higher percentage bank shoot.

- Once the shot hits the backboard a player is not allowed to touch it again, unless your playing under FIBA rules.

- The bank shot gives the offensive player a different target and helps players sometimes get shoots off that they normally could not because the defends hand are straight up in a player face or just straight up.

- When doing a reverse or using the opposite side of the basket but still shooting a bank shoot. Though, this helps the player get more shots off while using basket as a partial shield and less block shots!

- Bank shots are a must for post players. Especially it can be difficult when completing making a quick pivot in the post. So when a big man is making his strong move it's a much higher percentage shot to kiss it off the glass.

- Bank shot also allows guards to drive hard and shoot a high arcing bank shot over a big man with his arms fulling extended or a big shot blocker. Notice how many of the NBA's great guards use the glass on penetration into the shot blocking zone near the basket.

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