Saturday, December 09, 2006

Jason Wright - dribbling drills

Jason Wright
Dribbling Drills Volume One
By JW Basketball

Dribbling Drills DVD

Jason Wright is one of the best basketball trainers in the US. He brings a strong sense of hard work, discipline, and fun creativity to basketball dribbling. His students are some of the most fundamentally sound players at all levels from the high school, collegiate, and even professional players. Jason, is a former University of New Orleans player, who has played with well known and respected competition such as Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, and Derek Fisher.

Jason has put together a great DVD dribbling drill instructional video! We here at 'Sacred Hoops' feel this is a top notch, quality dribbling drill video that we could recommend to any youth looking to improve their basketball dribbling skills . This dribbling drill video would be a great start for youth players, high school players, and above to work on there dribbling skills. This video does a great job of instructing you and taking you through dribbling drills. The best part about it is how detailed it is in showing you how to do the drills on your own at game speed and really make a dribbling drills a complete work out.

Jason Wright personally shows you how each of the following dribbling drills are to be completed. He goes through some of the basics targeting the youth players, and then even for the advanced players leaving them with something to really want to watch over and over until you can work on these dribbling drills yourself. This film is a must for any player who wants to improve their game and take it to the next level.
•Inside and Out Dribbling Drill
•Walking Figure 8
•Two Ball Dribbling Drills
•Attacking With The Dribble
•Cone Dribbling Drills
•Spin Dribbling Drills

Jason Wright does a great job of showing through and through the best and basics of dribbling drills. He starts with proper ways to do the drills (which is great for youth players to see it done correctly), and shows it from start to finish through his dribbling drills.

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