Thursday, January 18, 2007

Greg Oden, Joakim Noah, and Kevin Durant

That's right these guys are getting all the talk right now, and its not even March Madness! Why all the talk well, because they are probably going to be in the NBA draft next year!

Though, just thinking of it and how popular each one of these names were. We our own few tests on this matter!

First, let's highlight Greg Oden. Let's take an this for example, go to youtube type in Greg Oden (here we have done it for you) Look at how many videos just keep coming up, and showing great highlights of Greg Oden.

Now go to Joakim Noah and type his name into youtube. Here are the results at youtube.

And then as well with Kevin Durant results here.

Greg Oden with 47 videos of highlights, dunks, awesome plays, interviews, and etc.
Joakim Noah with 17 resultes of youtube, and most of them were from his great season and run in the tournament last year.
Kevin Durant with 16 vidoes coming up and most of them were of high school videos!

While, I know does not have all the answers! But, it does prove one thing for sure is that Greg Oden is more popular, a well known name, and is a raising star. While the others will be right up their, they seem to still be some what falling behind. Just another twist, how about typing in OJ Mayo in and see what you get...88 videos of a another raising star!

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