Friday, January 26, 2007

Greg Oden Shots Better Left Handed....

If you were like just about any other observer, and you watch Greg Oden play you might think this. Wow, I did not know that Greg Oden was a lefty, but unknowing that he has injured his right wrist. But, the truth behold his really is right handed.

It would have been natural to assume as much in watching the 7-1, 280-pound center dunk the ball with his left hand and shoot free throws at a 50-70 percent clip. For anyone that had never actually seen Oden play, it was a forgiveable mistake.

It's hard to believe that a Greg Oden has worked hard enought to shoot better left handed free throws than most NBA big man! I can not believe it!

50 82 .610

Emeka Okafor .601
Kwame Brown .402
Shaquille O'Neal .450
Ben Wallace .418

Come on! You have to be kidding me! One thing is for sure someone one is putting in the work, and others are making a million and sure not from making free throws!

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