Friday, January 12, 2007

'one-dribble rule'

'one-dribble rule'

Here is a great idea, and I know a lot of coaches have this rule with their big guys, but here another example of it.

Head Coach Mike Dunleavy as added the the 'one-dribble rule' on center Chris Kaman. One key reason for Kaman's success was he adhered to Dunleavy's one-dribble rule, which requires Kaman to make quicker moves with using only one dribble. While before he was attempting to dribble a few times but was not having much success which were resulting in turnovers. We are seeing this more and more even in college and high school level and lower where more players are over dribbling and not taking one hard dribble and good solid move.

A big guys needs to learn early that he needs to the following to be a good solid post player at any level:

- first catch the ball
- catch the ball cleanly, be strong with it, and pull it into towards your body
- catch the ball ready to make a move
- make your move using one fake or a dribble
- if you don't have the shot kick it back out quickly
- finish every shot strong(don't give the guards even more excuses not to throw into the post)

We understand that's a lot of things to do especially when we are talking about maybe tops 5 seconds. So that's why any post player should not be taking more then one dribble. Yes, there are special times where it's needed, but we are talking about learning and practicing what you want to do in the game.

While we looked up Chris Kaman on you tube to see if we had any videos of the before and after of Chris Kaman dribbling with one dribble instead of him getting it stolen and turning it over. All we came up with was with Chris Kaman getting his stuff grabbed by Reggie Evans. This another example of what not do! So if you don't learn anything else just take away these two thoughts.

*Don't dribble more than once in the post
*Don't grab players stuff

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