Thursday, April 20, 2006

7 dribbling moves!

Do the 7 dribble moves with a finish at the basket.

* Start with a low body balance base of support.

* Have a compact economy of motion.

* You make each move one from the right side then one from the left side.

* Start by spinning yourself a pass and catch down low.

* From here you circle tight and make a good direct or crossover move.

* Start from just outside the edge of the half court circle.

* After your finish at the basket you spin a pass and open to the big part of the floor while you catch facing.

* Then using the same move you break a press up the middle to half court.

* Then make the same move on other side.

* Then go back to the right side and make the next move.

* Do this until you have made all 7 moves on both sides.

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