Monday, September 11, 2006

Basketball game of inches!

Basketball is a game where one inch could make the difference in the outcome of the game. An inch here or there, a shot an inch off is missed, a pass an inch off is stolen. This is why the smallest things such as a inch could be the difference of a win or lose for your team.

Your team really needs to focus on doing all the little things taking it inch at a time to success. You've got to make sure you're doing all the little things that can add up and give you a big advantage and help you succeed.

I would like to make this illustration to help paint the picture better for. The carpenter is making a table. Well, if he starts by making just one of the legs of this table a inch shorter or longer. Then that table wabble for the rest of the time! No really likes a wabbling table to eat on! But, because the carpenter was just one cm or inch off from the start now the complete table is defected!

As an offensive player, having the chance to gain a inch with quick moves and quick decisions is a great way to gain yourself a clear advantage over the defense.

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