Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Advantages of participation in basketball!!

Advantages of participation in basketball!!

1. Opportunity to develop your physical strength to the fullest using the most modern equipment, and under the direction of people who really care about your health.

2. Develop responsiveness to group discipline. You may not have been involved, but you must learn that sometimes that doesn't matter. In all of life, you are guilty by association. It's a great learning tool for you.

3. Develops lasting friendships.

4. Develops self-confidence.

5. Develops respect for rules and authority. Helps you overcome negative attitude when all things don't go your way. (Things don't always go your way.)

6. Opportunities for development of cooperation, dedication, sportsmanship, initiative and unselfishness.

7. Travel opportunities enable you to see other communities and get acquainted with other types of people. Everyone lives differently. All communities are different.

8. Play experience tends to make a person more friendly, interesting and human.

9. Opportunity to participate in an activity that parallels many later life experiences.

10. Draws attention to yourself which may have a business and educational value later on. Newspaper and radio exposure may help you get a job.

11. Successful participation may also open the door to such vocational values as coaching, athletic training or pro participation.

12. Ability to make the team has helped many individuals through high school and college.

13. It can also be very very fun.

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