Tuesday, June 20, 2006

John Wooden

John Wooden is a genuine monument under the American basketball Coaches. There it was Headcoach with UCLA of 1948-75 and won in its last 12 years 10 NCAA championships, under it 7 in consequence. From 1971-74 it went 88 times into consequence as a winner out of resounds. In its book "Practical decaying basketball" (1966) it describes the principles for basketball Coaches, most important from its view, which have at that time like today their validity.

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The five fundamental principles:

There are many important principles, which are to be considered, if one tries to train a basketball team and to form it to perfectly functioning unit. Despite the difficulty to select from it the most important I made from five things the hitting a corner columns and the core of my success pyramid, a mythischen structure for you me help should have done to become clear me over my basketball philosophy.

1. Diligence: There is no replacement for work. The coach and its players must work hard, since all worthwhile goals can be attained only by careful planning and hard work. Perfection can be never achieved, but it must be the goal on which one purposefully worked. One can never achieve its goal, by looking for a simple way for an abbreviation or.

2. Enthusiasm: Coach and players must be basketball-inspired. If not, they should look for each other another occupation. Enthusiasm colors on everyone off, which comes with it into contact, and enthusiasts tend to drag others along. You must be with the heart with the work, if you want to be successful, since it makes you for avid to learn new and improve you.

3. Condition - mentally, morally and physically: The mental and moral condition of your players is of extreme importance, because it determines the physical condition, if the players are industrious and inspired. A player, who is not mental and morally reliable, will never be in physical Topform, because it develops destroyed instead of.

The mental and moral example set by the coach can have a strong influence on the type of player, whom it forms, and of still larger importance for the character of the young people, which begin later its Obhut abandoned and with it to lead others.

4. The bases - Fundamentals: The coach must make its players familiar carefully with the bases of the play, and obtain the ability to use these correctly in play. They must learn to react fast and correctly without hesitating and about their decisions to think have. It is a Binsenweisheit in the basketball that that, which hesitates loses. The whole basis for solid play is the fast execution of the basic techniques. A exzellente execution of the bases can possibly compensate a bad play tactics, in addition, the best system cannot adjust unsatisfactory control of the bases. The coach must go surely that he never permits itself to dedicate to a complicated play system so much time that he from the training of the bases "steal it" must.

5. Development of team spirit: The coach must use all his psychological abilities and possibilities of developing a good team spirit in its crew. Teamwork and unselfishness must be encouraged with each opportunity, and each player must be not only ready on it avid, to sacrifice its personal fame for the well-being of the team. Egoism, envy, Ichbezogenheit and mutual criticism can destroy the team spirit and ruin the potential of each team. The coach must realize itself that it and be constantly attentive, in order to prevent such developments by the fact that it already packs it at the root, before problems develop.