Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More basketball principles

John Wooden is a genuine monument under the American basketball Coaches. There it was Headcoach with UCLA of 1948-75 and won in its last 12 years 10 NCAA championships, under it 7 in consequence. From 1971-74 it went 88 times into consequence as a winner out of resounds. In its book "Practical decaying basketball" (1966) it describes the principles for basketball Coaches, most important from its view, which have at that time like today their validity.

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Further important principles:

1. Basketball is play of the habits, and it needs time and patience, in order to develop correct habits and turn bad off. One of the largest errors of most inexperienced coaches is probably the lack of patience. The players try to convince of the fact that her in training to become careless never to be allowed, because they will exactly the same play, as they train. Constant concentration on the goal is must.

2. The coach and the players may never will content, but constantly to work to become better. Set for you perfection to the goal, although it can be never achieved.

3. It remembers that it is is so important, as much you do, but like well you make many more it. It is better to train some things correctly well when too many different, by which nothing is then controlled correctly. Zumute to your players not too much.

4. Do not take the players so much to the short line that you lose their selfinitiative. They must have but must also to the action of a fellow player to react correctly be able a certain freedom of choice, in order to keep the room layout.

5. Attempts to sketch a balanced Offense which supplies a same number of throw possibilities for each player position, but confuse the players not by the fact that you make it too complicated in the tendency to bring in your whole knowledge.

6. Do not ignore the small details, because there is the small things, which can make the difference. Perfection in some slight details is often the only difference between winners and losers.

7. You must prepare win in order to be a winner, and you cannot prepare others, without being prepared. Self-assurance gets off to be prepared and in good condition.

8. Convince your players of the fact that condition is often the crucial factor at two similarly strong and well prepared teams. However they, if they want to use their better condition, must have pressure already early in the play for the opponent, so that them make themselves paid at the end. Bases, patience and self-assurance leave you in the measure, how the fatigue increases, then ensure for the fact that your opponents become tired, before you become it.

9. Use a positive beginning around pride on your own play to develop, both defensively and offensively. Prepare you for your opponents, but never make for you concerns because of them. Leave it deinetwegen themselves to ensure.

10. Attach great importance on the play without ball in the attack and to the defense against an aggressor without ball.

11. Do not forget to emphasize your Playmaker and defense specialists with each opportunity publicly too. Basket contactors get anyway enough applause around their Ego to strengthen, but the others may not be forgotten thereby.

12. The coach should take over a criticizing, and it should be always constructional. Do not permit a player to criticize a fellow player somehow to draw up or to scoffed.

13. It insists on the fact that the basket contactors itself always with the fellow player, whose passport led to its basket, thanked you and all this to its fellow player applause donate, which implemented a straight good action.

14. Constantly analyze you and your players and let you from the result of this analysis lead.

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