Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How to develop your legs

How to develop your legs

That is a great question that is asked frequently. The short answer is this: You have got to start squatting with free weights and increasing your caloric intake to make those legs grow bigger. Get off the machines and under the bar.

Let me explain. Most people are able to do more on a machine because the balance factor is not in play on a machine. The machine holds the bar by keeping it in a certain predetermined groove and eliminates most, if not all, of the proprioceptive feedback, so learning the technique is non existent. The end result is decreased benefit to your targeted musculature.

Most people aren’t able to do as much weight on the bar as in the machine. Don't be worried about the load on the bar right now. Just lower the weight, get under the bar and start doing them technically perfect with the free weights.

Keep in mind that age, diet, genetics and gender will have a bearing on how big you can get. There are two ways to increase the size of your muscles: Sarcoplasmic and Myofibrillar, represented in the former by an increase in the sarcoplasm, the interfibrillar semi fluid and in the latter by an actual enlargement of the muscle fibers. Getting large but useful muscles will be dependent upon increasing the size of the fibers and not the fluids that go between each one. Read more strength tips...

Now on to a specific plan of attack:

Get your doctors approval before beginning a new exercise program.

Weigh yourself once a week on a specific day, just as soon as you get up in the morning and after having gone to the bathroom.

Buy a diary and begin writing everything down that you eat or drink and at what times

Keys to growth

Eat five to six balanced meals each day. Space these out at regular intervals of two to two and half hours apart. You have to increase your caloric intake to grow. Don't eat junk food or if you do at least keep it to a minimum. Stay well hydrated by drinking enough to keep your urine looking pale yellow.

Get good rest. Sleep is essential to growth.

Get off the machines and start doing free weight squats with the bar on your back. Find a good NSCA certified coach and learn how to do them correctly.

Exercise the legs three times a week with at least a days break in between each session. None of these should last more than 50-60 minutes. Just get in, lift and get out. Have sips of a sports drink or water before, during and immediately after your lifting times. Once completed and within the first thirty minutes begin to replenish the nutrients that have been used up to start the repair process going. During the first thirty minutes get protein and carbohydrates into your body (chocolate milk is nearly the perfect blend to drink at this time) Within the next two to three hours eat a well balanced meal with a bit more protein and carbohydrate mix to it.

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