Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The schedule of how to develop strong legs part one

The schedule

how to develop strong legs
Part one:

After a warm up start with four sets of eight repetitions in the free weight squat, but don't make yourself sick while doing them. The puke factor is NOT in effect here. Go all the way down and all the way back up in your full range of motion. Don’t get into the habit of doing high squats. Do each one right; deep and deeper. Start with the bare bar if you have to but do them right each and every time. Rest between sets last long enough to catch your breath and get your pulse back to about 75% of your target heart rate.

Once you are able to do four sets of eight then on your last set do ten repetitions for two consecutive times. If you are able to do the extra two repetitions then add 10-20 more pounds of weight and repeat the four sets of eight repetitions again with the new weight the next time you lift.

Follow the squats with stiff legged dead lifts for four sets of twelve repetitions.

Now do your calves with high repetitions (12-20) for standing and low repetitions (8-10) for the seated ones with four sets of each version.

Do this for four to six weeks and then take a two session break.

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